For Nonprofits, by a Nonprofit

Open Hand supports nonprofits working with similar programs by providing a focused range of media production services. Just like with our other projects, we get to know our partners, their needs, and goals first. Then we work together to develop identities, websites, films, exhibits, and other multimedia that will make a substantial and sustainable impact toward their mission. Every organization is unique, and nonprofits need the option of working with groups that share their vision for change. We are motivated by maximizing our own revenue: We know firsthand that every dollar counts—and that a great nonprofit is a lean, mission-focused machine, so our rates are substantially less than in the corporate world. What’s more, the investment has a double impact by helping develop our own charitable programs. We succeed when you do.

“It’s been great to work with you…now we know who to work with in the region!” Louisa Nakanuku-Diggs

Consultant, IUCN CEC

At Open Hand, we’re increasing our impact by cooperating with organizations, groups, and individuals committed to community-focused cultural preservation

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Fiscal Sponsorship
Know a community well and have a project in mind, but don’t have the means or support structure to act on it? On a limited basis Open Hand Studios also supports passionate, motivated individuals working in culture and development by serving as a fiscal sponsor. Sponsored individuals maintain control and complete responsibility for their work, but gain some of the advantages and additional oversight of a 501(c)3 organization to help propel their project to success. If you’re serious about your people and place, get in touch to find out more.